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Today we went on a submarine tour, it was a blast. The reef was as big as a football field! And there were scuba divers, colorful fish and other wildlife.

Pics later!

April 11th
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Ahh, finally moved into our new house! I love it here. It’s a cute, small house, but just the right amount of space for us and our new puppy. I’m so excited!! I can’t wait until we get all settled in.

This is it, a brand new start. :)

April 11th
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I really hate dreaming. Everything seemed too good to be true. But then I wake up and realize it wasn’t real and that it was just a dream.

Like your brain tricks you when you’re most vulnerable. Our minds are such complex and complicated things.
April 8th
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Figured i would play with the panoramic thing on my phone. Umatac, Guam. I even got Darwin in the picture lol

April 6th
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Darwin and i visited an underwater observatory the other day. It was awesome and a little terrifying lmao.

The needle fish surprised me.

April 5th
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